The Thanksgiving Solution to Small Space Entertaining

Word got out that you wanted to serve Thanksgiving this year, and your guest list has been growing ever since.  Hosting a crowd over 10 is hard for most homes.  Kitchens can be tiny, and dining room small or nonexistent.  While it may not be very self-explanatory, opening up a living space to make room for company doesn’t have to require renovation.  Handyman Matters has some tips for you to help get the most out of your smaller spaces.

  • You don’t have a dining room but you have a patio…

Even though the temperatures are dipping, this doesn’t mean that you still can entertain outdoors.  Grab some heat lamps and take your Thanksgiving dinner outdoors.  Using a rustic picnic table with bench seats will help you optimize seating capacity while adding a very fall aesthetic.

  • A bay window is in the way…

The great think about bay windows is they can easily be transformed into bench seating.  All you will need is a bench pillow and voila!  This can also be a great way to squeeze in an extra table next to the window.


  • Take advantage of your passthrough!

Passthroughs are one of the most versatile things to happen to a kitchen.  They can be used as bar seating, or as a buffet.  This is especially helpful when it comes to Thanksgiving.  Seating the kids at the bar, or keeping your food off the table will free up a lot of space for more guests!


  • A large table won’t fit in your dining room…

Company often requires some amount of temporary redecorating.  If you have a small dining room that won’t fit the 12+ person table you need, try swapping it with your living room.  Temporarily moving seating into the dining room, and the table into the living room with create the larger dining space Thanksgiving requires.  Additionally, you’re dining room will double as an intimate lounge: a comfy place to have pre-meal drinks.



Small spaces can also be remedied through the removal of dividing walls and room expansions into unused space.  If you’re looking to improve your home’s capacity this holiday season, give Handyman Matters a call! 866-FIX-MY-HOME