7 Ways to Improve your Home for the New Year

Looking for a few ways to improve your home for the New Year?

Check out these 7 tips to quickly and easily give your home that refresh it needs:

  1. Update your Coffee Machineautomatic coffee makerWaking up to the smell of coffee is a great and affordable luxury.  Installing a timer-based coffee machine can help scoop your tired body out of bed during those early mornings.
  2. Install a Heater in the Bathroomwall-mounted bathroom heaterTaking a hot shower when it’s cold out can be as big of a treat as it is a nightmare.  Stepping out of the bath into a cold bathroom when you’re at your most exposed can sometimes be like jumping into cold water.  Smooth your transition, and allow yourself a warm space to get dressed before you face the chill of winter.
  3. Install a Smart Thermostatnest smart thermostatNot to continue to harp on heat, but warmth is a big deal during the colder, trying months of the year.  Smart thermostats like Nest will help to regulate your home’s temperature.  It can be controlled from an app and will automatically adjust to your home’s needs.  If you leave for a trip, it will even sense the inactivity and lower temperatures to save on energy.
  4. Switch to an Overhead Light Dimmerlight dimmerHarsh overhead lighting can be a real mood killer.  Especially in the evenings, when your eyes are most sensitive, you should be able to adjust and soften the lighting.
  5. Expand Your Closetwhite closetPretending that you don’t need the space may short term feel frugal and right, but long-term it leads to crazy mountains of button ups and pants on the floor.  Overestimating your closets needs is always the way to go.  Give yourself an extra rack for room to grow, or perhaps a rack just for highlighting your most prized party dresses.
  6. Entertain More!party food spreadThe holidays are always a great reminder of how fun it is to have your favorite people under one roof.  Why not foster that kind of space?  Creating a sort of parlor in your home for company can be a great excuse to have more parties.  It can consist of a special billiards accessory – poker nights are fun – or perhaps it’s more of a casual table setting for dinner and game nights.  Think larger, circle tables for optimum conversation abilities, and a comfy cross between dining chairs and armchairs.
  7. A Room Of One’s Ownwhite sunlit roomVirginia Woolf had it right when she wrote about the importance of having your own space to think and be creative.  Whether it be an art studio, workroom, office, library, or music room – think about what activity de-stresses you, and make sure you have a place to do that!

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