How to Fit Everything Into Your Home Once The Holidays Are Over

During the holidays, your home acquires an abundance of new possessions.  There’s decoration paraphernalia, the effects from hosting larger crowds, and your personal gift haul.  While a home is nothing without tchotchkes, don’t let your possession cause you to look like a hoarder.  Home storage, especially in smaller homes, is an art.  Hiding belongings in an organized manner is the goal, and we’ve come up with a few solutions for your consideration.


Everyone loves a bookcase.  Displaying novels in your home is a classic touch to display your smarts, encourage cozying up with a book, and they are great for organizing crafts and office supplies.  Don’t take this as a motion to line your shelves in pencil cups and paper.  The key to utilizing the storage capacity of a bookcase is boxes – office, and file boxes to be more specific.  Find yourself a series of sturdy and aesthetically appealing boxes, insert misc. supplies, then you’re done.  Use this to keep thank you cards, craft supplies, photos, old receipts, gift wrapping essentials… organized and easily accessible.

Hollow Benches

Benches are a very utilitarian home accessory: especially if they’re hollow.  They are best suited for entryways as a catch-all, or underneath large bay windows.  A series of benches can even work together to create bench seating for a breakfast nook, or reading area.  Just place a cushion on top, and voila! – you have seating.  Store larger items such as extra blankets, pillows, folding chairs, that industrial coffee machine you only get out for company, table leafs, your yearly tree and garlands, holiday lights… The list is practically endless.


Regardless of popular belief, cabinets are not just for kitchens.  If you have reached a point, where your home accumulation is no longer solved by a couple of drawers, consider a cabinet.  These are great additions for laundry rooms, garages, hobby rooms, or basements.  Cabinets can also be unexpected; in an industrial metal kind instead of the typical wood ones.  If you place a row of these together, they can even increase surface space, giving you a large counter to work on, further condensing the mess!


You may remember these wall accessories from such places as the tool bench, or from your mechanics shop.  Pegboards are terribly underrated.  For any activity that requires a multitude of tools (cooking, crafts, workshops, offices…), these boards will provide easy access as well as visibility.  Need a frying pan? Don’t worry about digging through a drawer to find one – because it’s right in front of you!  Get more out of wall space, while also improving your task completion time!

When it comes to home organization, Handyman Matters is the expert. Anything from installing shelves to creating a more ergonomic work space – we have your back! Don’t let the holidays clutter up your home, give us a call – 866-FIX-MY-HOME.