5 Steps to Holiday Home Safety


Before New Year arrives, let’s do some maintenance on the house.  The biggest thing happening across the country right now is snow.  With snow comes accidents.  And with accidents comes costly repairs or, dare I say, medical bills.  Nobody wants to be the host of the party whose guests have suffered head injuries falling down, or had to leave because the décor caught fire.  Don’t become liable, be the warm, inviting house you know you can be.  When it comes to winter home safety, here are some measures to take.



  • 1 – Fire Detector Maintenance

Restock the batteries, and give these guys a test.  Before lighting candles, plugging in holiday lights, or baking you should make sure your fire detectors are active and alert.

  • 2 – Walkways

When it’s cold outside, your walkways are going to be the first thing to go.  Clearing these paths of snow or unruly branches is an integral step to preparing your home for company.  Next step – throw some salt on it! As far as company is concerned, ice is only good in drinks.

  • 3 – Vents & Chimneys

It’s winter and your heater has been working overtime.  Whether it’s the traditional vents or a scenic fireplace, you have to look out for buildup.  Cleaning out vents and chimneys is a majorly effective way to prevent house fires (and to optimize warmth).

  • 4 – Stairs

Fix those stairs.  I cannot stress the importance enough of having safe, functional stairs.  This goes for both the outdoors and indoors.  If everything is in working order, check to make sure you also have stable railing and if it’s outside – salt them down as well.

  • 5 – Check Your CO Detector

These are especially important in the winter.  Carbon monoxide can sneak up on you, make sure you have a protective element in place to keep you safe.  Prevent CO poisoning by remembering not to heat your home with a gas range or oven, and to warm your car in an open space and not idling in your car.

Entertaining takes an abundance of preparation.  If you want to focus on the menu, Handyman Matters will focus on the repairs.  Whether it is small or large, we have your back during the holiday season! 866-FIX-MY-HOME