Is Your Home Colder than it Should Be?

Do you sometimes leave your coat on after you get home?  When you enter the living room, is there more than one blanket piled on your couch?  As you go to bed, do you find yourself piling on layers?


If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions – your home is probably leaking heat.  Handyman Matters has created a list of heating problems and their solutions to help make your winter more comfortable.

  • Windows – Single pane window can be the biggest loss of heat in the winter. Here are four options for dealing with the problem:
    1. Replace the window, an expensive but permanent solution.
    2. Install storm windows.  This addition is inexpensive and will snap onto the original window.
    3. Buy insulation tape to stick on like a film over the inside of your window to help seal small leaks.
    4. Install heavy curtains.  They act as insulation and if kept closed can keep out most of the cold air.
  • Furnace – Regularly check to make sure the filters in your furnace aren’t clogged with dust and debris. Replace the filters regularly.  Furnaces also benefit from seasonal check-ups to ensure they are functioning correctly.
  • Exterior Doors – Look at the main entrances and exits to your home. Are there gaps where the door should meet the floor, frame, or ceiling?  Can you feel air flowing from around the door? This is a common problem – and it’s one of the easiest to fix.  Door sweeps are an effective solution for exterior doors.  These rubber additions fill the gap, and work like a flexible barrier around your doors.
  • Insulation – If after inspecting your home for the above issues, it still feels drafty, it’s probably due to inadequate insulation. For more info on how to check your home’s insulation level – check out this post on the 3 most common energy leaks.

Handyman Matters want’s you to have a worry-free winter! If your home seems colder than it should be – give us a call and we will find your solution. 866-FIX-MY-HOME.