V for Valentine – Romantic Additions for Your Home

Romance is in the air.  January is wrapping up, and Valentine’s Day is on the horizon.  Do you make reservations at an upscale restaurant?  Will you book a romantic get-away?  As you may have noticed, Handyman Matters’s favorite destination is home – and we want yours to be too. Show your valentine how much you care by transforming your home into a romantic getaway.

What is the most romantic home in existence? It’s the cabin.  Whether it be a beach front pagoda, or a mountain cottage – nothing says romance like cozy secluded areas.  Even if you live in a large home in the suburbs, think small, think like you’re at an Airbnb in a scenic locale. Focus on one room or a certain area of the home, and create an intimate environment.  Once you have that thought process going, here are a few things to consider to optimize the Valentine’s romance.

  • Lighting

    First and foremost, lighting is key to creating a mood.  Think string lights, lanterns, candles, or any combination of these three.  Effortlessly drape them across mantles, or hang them around the circumference of the room.  Even adding dimmers on regular


  • Intimate Dining

    A small café table with candles, wine, and a meal for two is the simplest way of doing the Valentine’s dinner.


  • The Outdoors
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    Consider taking things outdoors.  Small gazebos or porches lined in string lights will make a dinner, drinks, or even a board game fantastical.  To stay warm, install heat lamps or a beautiful fire pit!  Or how about going for it and getting you and your loved ones a relaxing hot tub?

    Do you have a projector? You could even stage a little drive-in movie.


  • Dining for More than Two

    Who said Valentine’s Day was only for couples? A whimsical dinner party can be a wonderful way to show your friends and family how much you care.  When it comes to more populated dinners, we love the new trend of banquet tables with cushions for seating. Or again, you could take things outdoors to possibly a picnic table with twinkle lights on the porch.


  • Fireplaces

    Spark the fire of love with a fireplace.  Not only do they help keep you warm but they are a cozy, cabin-like addition to any home.  Put down a plush blanket and have a romantic Valentine’s Day picnic in front of the hearth.


  • And Finally…

    You can’t mention Valentine’s Day, without also mentioning the most appropriate chair for the holiday – the loveseat.

For more Valentine’s Day home inspiration, check out our Pinterest board – V for Valentine! For help installing your Valentine’s Day solutions, remember Handyman Matters is here to help.  Give us a call!  We will help transform your home into its inner, romantic, mountain cabin.  866-FIX-MY-HOME.