Professional TV Installation
Professionally Installed TV

So you bought a beautiful new Slim HDTV or maybe decided to go big with a 4K UltraHDTV. Watching your favorite Netflix show, movie or sporting event just got real! Nowadays, you no longer have to think about entertainment systems, because with flat screen TVs, just pick a spot on the wall! Mounting a TV, to include hiding cords can be a relatively easy project. However, to ensure your investment in a brand new TV is protected, it may make sense to consider professional installation. Take a few minutes and consider your options below, DIY vs Professional Install.

Things You Will Need for DIY Mounting: 
* Wall Mount
* Stud Finder
* Pencil
* Level
* Measuring Tape
* Power Drill

Then, to Mount it Yourself, You Will Need to:
* Step 1 – Prep Your TV
* Step 2 – Determine Placement
* Step 3 – Secure the Brackets
* Step 4 – Attach TV / Bracket

Professional Installation: 

Handyman Matters can ensure the job is done right, and that your new TV is securely mounted without any unnecessary damage to existing walls. By having the right tools and experience, a professional can often get the job done much quicker than a DIY’er.  If you’re uneasy about doing this project on your own, or simply want to explore a professional install, check out our Mount a TV Package

Before you decide to mount your new or existing TV, consider updating the color of your room with a fresh coat of paint, or even better, consider a real makeover with the addition of a Wood Accent Wall.  Both options can add a new feel and warmth to an existing room, really accentuating your new HDTV and viewing experience.  

Maintaining a home requires a lot of free time and work. If you’d like to get your TV Mounted or if you have a to-do list of other home improvement projects and repairs that need completing, we encourage you to maintain your weekends and free time–give Handyman Matters a call at 866-Fix-My-Home or locate your local office here

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