Entrepreneur on Handyman Matters, Franchising, and Millennials

Jonathan Barnett – Oxifresh

This past week, Handyman Matters was interviewed by the online publication, Entrepreneur, in a story about the next generation of franchise owners: Millennials.  Not surprisingly, Handyman Matters was chosen as a featured company.  As a home improvement franchise who sees the potential in attracting a younger audience, Handyman Matters has been able to welcome its youngest owner yet, at just 29 years old.  The IFA has even begun taking extra steps to entice Millennials.  At their annual convention this year, there was an entire presentation track devoted to recruiting young entrepreneurs.

As Handyman Matters CEO, Andy Bell sees it,

It’s a calculated risk going into a franchise… But Millennials are young enough that they have an attitude that everything is recoverable. They are not averse to risk. They take the caution out of running a business. They’re becoming wildly successful because they don’t pause when making critical decisions.

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