Important Additions to your Moving Checklist

Most of us are veterans of moving from one home to another, having done it at least once or twice in our lives.  It’s always a stressful and involved process—usually more involved and stressful than we remember, until we’re in the midst of it!  And certainly, we’ve got most of the moving checklist down:  Begin collecting boxes and packing materials far in advance of the day; engage a professional moving service or the help of several friends with both strong backs and a willingness to help us tote our belongings.  A lot of the process is pretty straightforward.  But there are those challenging things that we don’t always consider ahead of time, and some of these can present pretty significant speed bumps in the road to getting your home relocated.

  • Have the right tools on hand

If you didn’t install your big screen television, large salt-water aquarium, home entertainment sound surround system or other features, it’s likely you don’t have the equipment or the expertise to remove them yourself without causing potential damage.

  • Tackling last-minute repairs

And speaking of damage, the odds are pretty great that in the process of getting furniture and other heavy or unwieldy objects down a flight of stairs and out of the house will cause some damage to the place you are vacating, whether it’s scratches on floors, gouges in the drywall, scuffs in the paint, or dislocated floor tiles.  And whether you’re renting or you’ve just sold your home, these are last-minute problems that are going to need attention before you turn over the keys to the next owner/occupant.

  • Hiring a Craftsman

Once you’ve established the moving checklist for packing and making the move, you may want to also arrange to for a craftsman come by to assist with the more complicated aspects of unhooking and/or disengaging the expensive and fragile objects that can’t merely be unplugged and carted away.

And if you don’t need help with that aspect of changing homes, you may nevertheless want to have someone standing by once the move is completed (at both your old and new dwellings) to assess and address the small damages done to walls, floors and doorways in the process.

Moving your family, pets and belongings is a big enough undertaking without these added challenges, and there’s only so much you can ask of either your friends or the professional movers you’ve engaged.  Having a professional home repair service like Handyman Matters added to your moving checklist can address some of these unplanned, unforeseen difficulties so that your transition can be that much smoother.

Call 1(800)FIX-MY-HOME or check out the website at to locate the phone number of the office nearest you.