How To Install A DIY Deck Gate

Hanging out on your deck is an amazing way to pass time during the summer.  You can soak up some vitamin D all within the comforts of your own home.  It’s occasionally even nice to have company; but when you invite company, you must also account for their potential needs.  Some of the cuter companions require a little more reinforcements.  If you have kiddos and/or family pets in your life, deck gates can be a wonderful solution.  Handyman Matters has come up with a quick and affordable guide to installing your own deck gate!

Step 1: Measure (& Measure Again)

Before buying supplies for any DIY home improvement project, make sure you know the scope of the area that needs to be covered.  Know the height, the width, and the depth.  Write it down, and take it with you (or for an easier phone hack, jot it down in your notes app and go paperless).

Step 2: Find A Matching Gate

You may feel inclined to head to the lumber department, but if you redirect your route to the deck and railing aisle there will be some handy, pre-made options.  Select a gate that fits the color and feel of your current deck railing system.

Step 3: In or Out?

Which direction do you want your gate to open?  This will affect the overall positioning of the hinges, so try them and pick your favorite!

Step 4: Line It Up

DIY home improvement projects are always easier with a partner.  If you have a right hand man with you, have him line up and hold the gate with the rest of the railing.  Or for the lone wolf handymen out there, use scraps to line up the bottom of the fence with the bottom of the railing, and position your c-clamp to hold it in place.

Step 5: Attach The Gate

Hinges before latch.  Make sure your hinge is level and on the appropriate side for either to open in or out, and then screw it in (make sure it’s on the correct side).

Step 6: Choose Your Latch

There’s a couple of different kinds of latches.  There’s the sturdier gate latch, a step down from there is the bolt, and another step down there’s the hook and eye.  Consider how much tension may be put on the gate to decide which will fit your needs the best.  If you have a larger dog, you may want to go for a latch or bolt instead of the hook and eye.

Step 7: Relax & Enjoy Your New Deck Gate

Looking to make your deck even safer?  Handyman matters specializes in all sorts of mobility and safety specific fixes.  Call us today for your free estimate 866-FIX-MY-HOME!