Keep your Wood Floors Looking their Best!

Wood flooring is far and away the more popular flooring option among homeowners these days.  It is attractive, versatile, and with a bit of care, easy to maintain.  For current (and future) wood floor homeowners out there, these are a few regular tasks to help you preserve their value.

1.  It’s important to sweep wood floors regularly, as dust and other particles will cause surface scratching.  You should make sure to place furniture slides under the legs of tables, chairs and other heavy objects.  Also put mats in front of every entrance to catch dirt that gets tracked in from outdoors.

2.  Don’t use any wax containing polyurethane on a wood floor, as it will make it impossible to re-surface the floor should you need to do so in the future.  It is easy to buff out minor scratches on a polyurethane floor.

3.  Remove minor scratches by using a scouring pad dipped in mineral turpentine, and buffing only in line with the wood grain.  You can also check with your local hardware or home improvement stores for recommendations on scratch-removing sprays.  Wood repair sticks are another option for filling deeper scratches.  Remember, though, when using these, to be careful to match the color to that of your floors.

Wood Floors vs Carpet?

Like any flooring, some care must be taken to keep wood looking its best.  Many people feel that the steps necessary to maintain wooden flooring outweigh any drawbacks.  They are easier to clean than carpeting.  Furthermore, carpeting tends to retain allergins, dust, hair and other debris that can more easily be removed from wooden surfaces.  Finally, real estate agents will be quick to tell you that homes with wood floors sell more quickly than those with wall-to-wall carpeting.

If you are having  bigger repair issues with your wooden flooring  than the problems mentioned above, or if you are contemplating installing wood floors in your home for the first time, call 1(800)FIX-MY-HOME or enter your zip code at to locate the office nearest you.  Their bonded and insured craftsmen can assist with either your floor’s repair or remodeling  challenges.