Best of the Internet: Paint Colors for your Home!

One of the best and most affordable ways to update your home is to add a fresh coat of paint.  Whether you tackle just one wall, or a room, or your entire house, switching up the paint in your home will go a long way.  What color do you pick?  Not just any color will complement your home so Handyman Matters has pulled together some of our favorite neutral and bold colored rooms from across the internet…


Eggshell and yellow are a thing of the past when it comes to neutrals this season.  If you go neutral, think grey.

And the wonderful thing about grey is it has a variety of undertones, so your home’s grey could be referencing a pale blue, green, or even purple.


If you go bold, do it in a jewel tone.  Rich colors, as opposed to neons, can calm a large room or add a point of interest to a more minimally designed space. This year blue, green, and black paint are ruling the bold spectrum.

  • Green

Talk about luxury.  Royal and deep greens have the ability to invoke both warm and cooling properties.

  • Blue

It may be bold, but a good navy blue is still a fairly understated color.  It’s the cousin to the neutral tones, so if you’re looking to go bold without making too much of a statement, blue is for you.

  • The In-Between

Turquoise, teal, and cyan to name a few.  These are some of the most common colors found in nature.  These blue-green in-betweens will add an earthy feel to your home.

  • Black

If you’re really looking to go bold, go black.  Black paint done right will add a high contrast element to your home, making the brighter whites stand out like nothing before.  This color of paint will also draw your eye to the smaller details of a room; just make sure you have a little extra natural light, so that the room doesn’t end up becoming a cave.

Worried your room will be overwhelmed with color? Wainscoting is the perfect way to offset a bold paint choice.

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