4 Affordable Living Room Renovations

The heart of every home is the living room.  This common room brings people together for movies, games, and good conversation.  Design and home improvement solutions are especially important in this room.  When putting together a living room conducive to entertaining, here are some simple solutions to keep in mind…

  • Go cordless

Entertainment centers are notorious for unruly cords.  Why have a flat screen TV if there’s a ton of cords surrounding it? Highlight your sleek technology by tucking the cords away.  Cord management can be done with covers, zip ties, or running a line through the drywall.

  • Built-ins

For all of your coffee table books and old DVDs and the record collection, a little extra shelving and storage can go a long way.  Turn your living room into a parlor by adding the ambiance of built-in bookcases.  Nothing says class and organization quite like a wall storing your favorite books.  They can also add some architectural intrigue with baseboard details and crown molding.

  • Accent pieces

Accent pieces are important for a living room because they can direct the focus of the space.  Having a statement fixture like a hearth or a large ceiling light can pull a large space into a smaller seating area. Install a pendant light or fix up your old fireplace by adding a fresh coat of paint and new mantel.

  • Pictures

Finally, nothing fits a living room quite like family photos and art.  These rooms are here to express their owner’s character so the more personal detail the better.  Gallery walls are great for displaying a large collection of medium to small prints.  Or perhaps you’d like to go for something a little more classic.  A large painting over the couch accented by a picture light.

It doesn’t take a full overhaul to make a room feel new again.  Small updates, repairs, and additions are essential to maintaining your home’s character and interest.  Is there a living room project you’d like to accomplish before the holidays roll around and company starts dropping by?  Handyman Matters is here to assist.  Just call 866-FIX-MY-HOME to find a craftsmen in your neighborhood.