Remodeling A Basement? Ask Yourself These Questions

The average cost to remodel a basement now comes in at around $17,000. That means you’ll want to take your time and consider all of your options carefully before undertaking a project of this size and scope.

You will want to ask, and answer, a handful of questions before you start remodeling.

Think about why you will be remodeling your basement:

  • Are you wanting to add a rec room?
  • An additional bedroom?
  • Will the kids be spending more time downstairs? Adults? Both?
  • Is the intent to have more space to entertain guests?

Your answers to these questions will inform the types of changes you want to make.

Basements are by their very nature, dark and cold places, so the challenge in most remodels is to make your space seem warm, open and inviting.

You can go “cozy” by utilizing dark wood in paneling and furniture and by incorporating recessed or subtle lighting, an arrangement that works well if you desire an area for entertaining a few friends or watching movies on a big screen television.

You may want to go in the opposite direction, opting for bright colors, direct lighting and a minimal approach to furnishings if you anticipate the primary function of the room to be for hosting larger get-togethers or creating a kid-friendly zone.

In recent years, there’s been a marked trend towards consolidated families, with aging parents moving into their adult children’s home, but with all parties wanting to maintain distinctly separate living spaces.  Basements can serve this need admirably.  In most instances, it’s relatively easy to install a modest kitchen at one end of a designated living area, with a bedroom and bathroom at the opposite end.

Other questions to think about:

  • Does your basement have its own entrance? Would you like to have one?
  • Does the remodeling plan need to incorporate laundry or storage facilities?
  • Is it possible to include a fireplace in the re-do?
  • Is additional insulation necessary to make year-round occupancy comfortable?
  • Is your current power source (electrical, gas, solar) sufficient to handle the new use of the space, or is an upgrade necessary?

None of these questions are designed to discourage or intimidate would-be remodelers, only to inform.  Once you have a clear idea of the scope of the changes you’d like to make, and how you would like to use your finished space, it’s much easier to proceed.

You’ll have a much more specific idea of the budget required and the length of time the remodel is going to take. Be sure to take a look at our post on the hidden costs of basement remodels to make sure you consider everything.

A basement remodel can be a big job, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult one.  Capable and friendly craftsmen, like the ones at Handyman Matters can provide helpful information, guidance and expertise in giving your home improvement project the best possible outcome.  Call 1(866)FIX-MY-HOME to speak with a Handyman Matters location near you.