How To Install Weather Stripping To Your Doors

handyman installing weatherstrippingIf air is escaping through your door, you’re not just losing heat in winter and cool air in summer, you’re wasting money on your energy bill and letting sound through.  Stopping the problem may be as simple as weather-stripping the offending area.  This is a fairly easy task to perform yourself.

Items You’ll Need

Measure Top Of Door Frame

Begin by first measuring the top of your door frame.

This is done by closing your door and measuring the top from one side to the other.

Mark this length on the new piece of weather-strip that you have purchased.

Cut Weather-Stripping

Next you will cut the weather-strip to the length that you have marked.

It is often best to first cut the foam piece with a pair of sharp scissors and then use a small toothed saw to cut through the wood piece.

Nail Into Place

Once you have the weather-strip cut, you will need to use 1.5 inch nails in order to hold it in place. When you put the cut weather-strip piece into place, you will want to ensure that the foam is positioned towards the door and is pushed up tight against it.   This ensures a good seal.

After you have the weather-strip in the right spot, use the nails to tack it into place. The nails should begin about two inches from the end to keep it from splitting the wood. All other nails should have about 12 inches of space between them.

Do not hammer the nails in all the way yet, just enough to ensure the piece remains secure.

Measure Side Of Door Frame

Then you will need to measure the sides of the door frame.

When cutting the side pieces, you will want to ensure that you also cut out a piece of one end of each side of the weather-strip in order to fit in the top weather-strip piece.

The best way to ensure that you have the tightest possible fit is to file down the end that you sawed. The weather-strip should be put in with the foam piece pressed firmly against the door. You should again tack the piece into place, but not all the way.

Check The Seal

In order to ensure that you have the weather-strip in the right place and that you will have the best possible seal, open and close the door a few times.  Watch to ensure that the seal is tight against the door and that the door closes all the way and latches. You can then complete your installation by driving all of the nails completely into the wood.

Completing this task can be challenging.  If you would prefer to have some help with this job, Handyman Matters is there for you. Contact Handyman Matters at 1-866-FIX-MY-HOME or enter your zip code above to find a location in your area.