Six Simple Steps For A Clean And Organized Garage

organized garage
organized garage
Image Courtesy: Rubbermaid

Your garage’s main function is usually to safeguard and store your car, truck or motorcycles. That can’t take place if your garage has turned into a glorified storage unit, stuffed to the rafters with boxes, toys, tools, bikes, strollers and everything else you either don’t have room for or just don’t want in the house.

Here are six easy to follow steps that will help you clean and organize your garage and seize control once again:

Step 1 – Categorize

Get everything out of the garage and sort it all into groups. Categorize it all and put everything into groups with like items.

For example: toys with toys, carpentry tools with carpentry tools, yard tools with yard tools, etc.

Make a pile for trash: anything you don’t want that you can sell in a garage sale and items to give away.

Step 2 – Get Supplies

Get the appropriate organizational tools and supplies.

After you’ve grouped everything, decide on exactly what tools and resources will help you organize these items better.

For example:

Do you need shelves? If so, what kind? A free standing shelving system or shelves mounted to the wall?

Do you need:

Get what you need now so it’s ready to go for step 5.

Step 3 – Clean

Clean the garage. As soon as you empty your garage, it’s important to take time to sweep out all the loose debris and remove cobwebs.

You’ll appreciate your garage much more if it’s clean, so make sure to sweep and dust routinely.

Step 4 – Freshen Up

Décor. This does not mean you need to remodel your garage into pseudo-living room; however you could think about a fresh coat of paint on the walls.

Lots of people prefer to paint and seal the floor of their garage to protect it from stains and also makes cleaning easy.

Transforming your wall and floor surfaces will have an enormous effect on the appearance of your garage.

Step 5 – Arrange

steps for a clean, organized garageArrange Items For Storage. As soon as you’ve cleaned the garage (floor and walls) it’s time to put everything back. Place those items that you use on regularly within easy reach.

Put items less frequently used further back in the garage or higher up on shelves or in cabinets.

Putting labels on shelves, bins and boxes will make it a lot easier for you to find what you’re looking for.

Step 6 – Rules

Lastly, make some rules for yourself and family members and implement them. Rules along the lines of, “Always return the items you used back to where you got them,” need to be enforced at all times; it’s simply too easy to slip back into previous sloppy, relaxed habits.

If you follow these six simple steps, you will have a clean and well organized garage. Not only will you be able to park your car in it, but you’ll also be able to find anything want without a lot of time wasted in the search.

And one more thing:  Don’t forget to have a garage sale to help get rid of all those unwanted items and put some cash in your pockets!