5 Affordable Kitchen Renovations We Love

Thinking about updating your kitchen but don’t want to spend the money on a total overhaul?  Handyman Matters believes even the smallest addition to your home can have a large impact.  Here are our favorite affordable renovations, that will update the look and feel of your kitchen…

Add A Built-in Bench

No space for a full dining room in your kitchen? Or, is there a small corner with a lot of light?  Breakfast is what starts your day.  Get a positive start by having a cozy spot to enjoy coffee and the paper with your favorite loved ones.  A casual and affordable addition to your home, and you can even build one DIY!

Remove Your Blinds

Natural light, especially in your dining room, is a housing luxury.  Take advantage of the long summer days by allowing in as much daylight as possible.  Removing your window coverings will instantly light up any room.

DIY Kitchen Island

You can never have enough counter space in the kitchen.  Islands in the kitchen provide extra space and also extra storage.  Create one on a budget by modifying a small table.  A bright coat of paint, and added hangers are the perfect additions.

Inner Cabinet Additions

It’s easy to lose things like measuring cups and other smaller utensils in drawers.  Modify your cabinets to have easy-access hanging areas for your regularly used cooking materials.  A coat of chalkboard paint on the interior is also a fun way to keep track of measurement conversions, grocery lists, or cooking notes.

Install New Lights

Nothing can instantly face-lift a room quite like adding new lighting fixtures.  Adding a sleek, mid century inspired light, in a contrasting color to the rest of your kitchen will create a great point of interest.

Not all kitchen remodels need to be expensive, or even a full overhaul.  Adjusting the details of your kitchen can do a lot to bring your space into this century.  For assistance in your next home improvement project – give Handyman Matters a call 866-FIX-MY-HOME!