Tips to Prepare your Deck for Outdoor Entertaining

Getting your deck structurally sound and safe is just the first step to having a great outdoor space for use in the summer. There are a lot of things you can do to make sure that your deck is not only safe and functional, but that it also becomes the envy of all your friends, and the center of your neighborhood’s summer cookout season. These simple ideas will ensure that, rain or shine, your deck, patio, or porch is ready for anything you, or Mother Nature, throw at it.

1. Enclose your deck with mosquito netting. Netting is ideal for climates that are warm and humid – especially during the hot summer months – because they help keep out insects and pests.

2. Install a fire-pit. Fire pits act as a center focal point for your deck, and they also allow for year-round use during the early spring and fall months when the weather starts to get chilly.

3. Build tiki-torch brackets. Soft outdoor lighting is great for setting the mood and atmosphere of your outdoor space. Brackets allow for a safer way to utilize this fun and alternative form of lighting.

Here’s one option for tiki torch mounting

4. Consider covering, or partially covering, your deck, patio or porch. This will help prevent furniture and outdoor appliances from getting ruined by weather or sunlight.

5. Outfit your deck with comfortable seating and gathering areas. Decks are a place to socialize and congregate – outdoor couches and lounge chairs are a stylish and comfortable way to relax outdoors.

outdoor patio set
There are many options for outdoor seating

6. Build in plenty of storage/counter space. When cooking and grilling outside, storage becomes key for keeping your food and utensils within arm’s reach. Build counter-tops, cabinets and even install a small refrigerator for convenience.

7. Build levels into your deck. A great way to divide your deck space into separate sections for cooking and lounging is to create levels connected by small stairs. This creates not only an eye-catching layout, but adds the illusion of additional space.

8. Turn your deck into an outdoor cinema. A popular choice nowadays for many homeowners is installing a large television into a covered area (in case of rain or bad weather) on the deck.

9. Make space for sound. Installing a surround sound system is a great deck addition for throwing parties and entertaining people..

outdoor speaker in rock (looks like a rock)
Here’s one outdoor speaker option that blends in

10. Upgrade to a stationary grill. A regular grill is a great addition to any deck, yard, or porch, but to really impress the neighbors and cook top-notch food for large gatherings, consider designing your deck with a built-in grill from the start. Not only are they better at cooking than portable grills, they are often larger and can accommodate more food.

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