Handyman Matters Recognized as Top Franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 500 Franchises List

It was twenty years ago that Andy Bell made the decision to leave the restaurant industry and to begin a home repair and remodel business in Denver, Colorado.  Initially it was simply with the intent of creating a business for himself as he and his wife raised their family.  But the initial response and the positive feedback from customers proved to be so immediate and so overwhelming that it was clear there was a market for the kind of unique and customer-friendly services his company—initially called Handyman Express—was offering.

Opening a second office in the north Denver/Boulder area proved that the idea was not a fluke.  Customers responded to the idea of a home repair business that was consistently reliable and manned by craftsmen who were professional in appearance and demeanor, and it became clear that this was a concept that could be embraced in all markets, and in 2001, Bell began franchising his services.

Two decades later, the company, known since 2001 as Handyman Matters (HMM), has consistently been recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as a top franchise.  When the economic recession hit in 2008, businesses of all types and sizes took a significant hit, none more so than those in the home repair and remodeling field.  There were thirteen recognized home repair franchises in 2008; Handyman Matters was one of the few still standing in 2013, and it has consistently been regarded as a leader in the industry since its inception.  Bell attributes this to the core values he established when he opened that first office in 1998; they are the same values that guide the company to this day and which regularly draw new owners to the concept.  HMM just opened a franchise in Fairbanks, Alaska, making the company a presence in 24 states.