Transforming Your Bedroom into a Retreat

These days many people are turning their bedroom into something more than just the place they head to collapse on a pillow and close their eyes for several hours of rest before facing the world again.


The idea is to transform a mere bedroom into a retreat, a multi-functional room that enables you to spend your downtime doing things like listening to music, exercising, watching television, conversing with your significant other, or yes, even sleeping!

So… where to begin?

Whatever changes you intend to make, your bed remains the essential piece of furniture in the room.  If it’s already providing you with a great night’s sleep, there’s no reason to make any significant change there.  But if it isn’t, consider anything from a small alteration such as rearranging its position in the room, to replacing your mattress, to getting a new bed altogether.

If you are a morning person, having a bed that faces the window is a great way to greet the day.  If you’re more of a night owl, you may find you sleep better if your bed faces a wall with muted tones.

Next, evaluate your lighting options.  If you’ve been getting by with nothing but harsh overhead fixtures, explore more subtle arrangements such as recessed lighting, which lends itself to a more restful atmosphere, side lamps for task lighting, or at least installing a dimmer for those bright overhead bulbs.

Resist the temptation to over-decorate. Too many knickknacks, too many paintings or other wall decorations–even a busy wallpaper pattern—can impede restfulness.  Interior design experts recommend soothing paint and fabric colors.  Moss greens, tans and blues, for example, lend themselves to a more relaxed atmosphere.

Maximize your comfort.  Maybe it’s time to upgrade those sheets and pillowcases to a higher threadcount.  Invest in a luxurious comforter and thick pillows to pamper yourself.

What other things would add to your happiness and your sense of having a restful oasis?  How about a cushioned window seat?  A sitting area with a recliner and a side table where you can enjoy a good book?  How about an alcove with a coffee maker, separate from the one in your kitchen, to save a few steps when you want a hot beverage?

Perhaps your budget allows you to dream big.  If that’s the case, would installing a wet bar or even a fireplace give you added satisfaction?

Experts advise you to be wary when it comes to installing electronics.  Many people like to relax by watching television, but a large screen TV can too easily become the dominate feature of the room.  If you want one, install it in a cabinet so that it can be hidden away when it’s not in use.  Be mindful of the fact that while having your phone, your tablet or your laptop nearby may be convenient, each of these also conspires to stimulate the senses rather than soothing them.  Keep your electronics on hand if you must, but out of sight in a drawer or in the same cabinet that houses the television.  It’s just too tempting to reach for them every few minutes otherwise.

One final element to take into consideration:  our sense of smell is a powerful trigger, easily impacting our moods.  Potpourri, delicate incense or oil or fresh flowers may be the crowning touch to make your bedroom retreat the ideal escape from the rest of the world.

Turning your bedroom into a retreat may be as simple as rearranging a few pieces of furniture, but if it’s a larger scale project you have in mind, your local Handyman Matters office is standing by to make the transformation as quick, easy and painless as possible.