Not everyone is familiar with this service, or why it may be exactly what you are looking for, so allow us to give you a clearer picture as to why this might be just what you and your home need!

With this offering, you can tailor a 4-hour visit from your local Handyman Matters office to tackle a wide variety of small repairs and fixes—whatever needs doing around your place!

Over time, it’s natural to have little household things break or stop working altogether.  Because these are often minor inconveniences, they tend to get put on a “honey-do” list, things to be addressed later when you or your spouse has the time to tackle them.  And we all know just how this usually goes… we just keep putting off the fix!

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It’s human nature to adjust to minor problems and to find ways to work around them.  There’s the kitchen drawer that becomes difficult to open or close; the cupboard door that starts to sag, or no longer closes all the way; the sliding door that no longer sits properly on its runner.  In the short term, we cope by only opening the door carefully, or avoiding using the drawer altogether.  After all, these are just little problems, and after a while, they somehow become “the new normal.”  It’s amazing how we stop thinking about these being issues at all… they’re just the quirks we’ve learned to maneuver around.

Now, stop and think about all of this for a minute…  Take a stroll through your home as if you were a guest or even a prospective buyer.  Take note of the little things you’ve been meaning to get around to fix when you have the time.  It’s likely you’ll be surprised at just how many of them there are—not just one or two, but a half-dozen or more things just begging for some attention.  For example:

  • Rips in the screen door or window screens
  • A fence with sagging or missing pickets
  • A cluttered, disorganized garage
  • A dripping kitchen or bathroom faucet
  • Shelving you’ve never gotten around to installing
  • Holes or gouges in the drywall
  • A faulty smoke detector that needs replacing
  • A grimy backsplash that has long needed replacing
  • A television or other appliance that’s been waiting to be hooked up
  • The shower door that isn’t closing properly
  • Peeling paint in the bathroom or laundry room

Okay, you probably don’t have that many things needing attention, but it’s likely you’ve got enough to take advantage of the Handyman Matters Half-Day Package.  It’s amazing just how many small repairs and problems can be addressed in a single 4-hour period.  In just half a day, it can feel as if your home has undergone an entire facelift.

So rather than continue to add small projects to that ever-growing “honey-do” list that never seems to get any smaller, give your local Handyman Matters office a call for a consultation with a friendly TEAM Coordinator who will listen carefully to you in order to be able advise you as to how we can best meet your needs.  And of course, the conversation comes with no obligation to book our service.

Remember, too, that if you’re concerned you have more projects than can be tackled in four hours, we also offer a Full-Day 8-hour package, as well.  We’re here to help you love your home!


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