January…  It’s that quiet, cold month that follows noisy, activity-filled November and December, when everybody’s thoughts and energies are directed toward holiday preparations, welcoming guests, and simply enjoying everything the season has to offer.

But after New Year’s, company has gone, decorations have been stored away, and chilly, bleak January is underway.  You’re looking at several more months of snow and blustery weather still ahead.  It’s the perfect time to tackle a handful of those indoor repair and remodel projects you’ve been meaning to get to for a while, now.

How long have you been thinking your bathroom was due for a facelift?  Perhaps you’ve been contemplating installing a new vanity; maybe changing out the sink and bathtub fixtures; replacing the caulking or re-grouting around the tub and tiles.

How about the kitchen?  Is it time to install a new backsplash?  Upgrade cabinet doors?  Maybe your work areas could use some better lighting?

Winter Home Repair ProjectsOther wintertime projects to consider are updating baseboard trim, installing a ceiling fan, replacing stair balusters, upgrading lighting fixtures or replacing your fireplace’s mantel.

These are just a handful of the relatively non-intrusive upgrading and remodeling jobs that can easily be undertaken in the winter months.  All can be accomplished in a day or two with minimal disruption to you and your family’s regular routine, and they yield great results.

Remember, your local Handyman Matters office has friendly and professional craftsmen available to assist with these and any other remodeling and repair projects you’ve been considering, whether in January or any other time of the year.

During that time of year when the days are shortest and the nights their coldest, you can make a room or two in your house feel brand new!

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In the last few months, you’ve probably heard the great news about Handyman Matters becoming Ace Handyman Services.  This transition should be completed during the first quarter of 2020.

You may be asking yourself, “As a Handyman Matters customer what can I expect through this process and this name change?”  The good—no, the great—news is that you can expect the same professional service, convenience in scheduling, high-quality workmanship and superior communication you have become accustomed to with Handyman Matters.

Beyond that, cosmetically, we will update our name and branding to match more closely to that of Ace Hardware. We’ll be creating a synergy so that we are more easily recognized and aligned.

Ultimately, this will make it even easier for us to help you love your home. We will continue to aim high and seek to exceed your expectations. Our steadfast commitment to being your Home Ally is as strong as ever.

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(Handyman Matters’) communication is just what you’d want to feel comfortable that the job is planned, will happen, and is on-target because the service provider is “on the way.”

-Excerpted from a posted customer review of the Denver North Metro Handyman Matters location

So, what is this “On My Way” feature?

Think about some of your past experiences waiting for a service person to show up at your home… There’s a certain amount of anxiety and frustration associated with these visits.  When will they get here?  Will they be on time?  Why haven’t they called? Have they forgotten about me?

The “On My Way” feature is designed to eliminate those concerns.

When a Handyman Matters craftsman is dispatched to your home, he hits a button which sends a message to the customer alerting them to the fact that he is en route.  A link is included in this message that allows the customer to see the route the craftsman is taking, his planned arrival time, his photo and a short bio.

“There are a number of reasons we like to provide this service,” says Kim Hobden, TEAM Coordinator in the Denver office.  “It’s beneficial for both the customer and for us to be in consistent communication, from when we call the night before the job to make sure everything is on track, all the way to the moment the job has been completed.  On my WayThat way, there are no unexpected glitches, and everybody has the same level of expectations.  For the customers, it reduces their anxiety and it provides a sense of security when they can click on a link and see not only when to expect their craftsman, but what he looks like.  They know they are letting the right person into their home.”

Kim goes on to add, “We’re constantly working to improve the standards and expectations people have of the home improvement industry.  And it gives our customers the assurance that we are partnering with them to make their home a nicer, safer place.”

Here’s an excerpt from another posted review of the same location:

Handyman Matters provides an exceptional level of customer service.  I am especially appreciative of the text alerts (and) “day before” voicemails from the technician… The picture and the personal biography is also a fun feature.

                                                                                -Kirstin O.

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5 Essential Safety Measures for Your Home This Holiday Season

The holidays & New Years are just around the corner, it’s time for some home maintenance before guests arrive. Much of the country experiences snowy conditions during the holiday season. And with snow, comes accidents–with accidents, there are expensive repairs, and perhaps even medical bills. You certainly don’t want to be the holiday party host whose guests had to evacuate the party because the holiday decorations caught on fire or slipped on icy stairs. Rather than becoming liable for these accidents, take a few extra steps to host a warm, comfortable party that can be enjoyed by all. When it comes to winter home safety, here are five small steps you can take.


Check your stairs. I cannot emphasize the importance of having safe, functional stairs, especially when hosting guests. Check both indoor and outdoor stairs. If everything is as it should be and in working order, check to make sure you also have stable railing and if it’s outside you must spread salt down them as well.

Smoke Detector Maintenance

DT2B9197Change your smoke detector batteries at least twice a year and be sure to have a few extra on hand.Test your detectors before lighting candles, setting up holiday lights, or cooking for guests. By taking these quick steps you can have peace of mind knowing your fire detectors are active and alert.

Check Your Carbon Monoxide Detector

Not only are smoke detectors important this time of year, but also, carbon monoxide detectors are especially important in the winter. Carbon monoxide can sneak up on you & your family. Place CO2 detectors on each floor of your home, and close to bedrooms to ensure you have a protective detection method in place to keep you & your loved ones safe. Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning by remembering not to heat your home with a gas range or oven, and do not warm your car or idle it in a closed garage.

Clean Vents & Chimneys

Don’t forget to clean out your vents and chimneys, as during the colder months, your heater has been working overtime. This simple task is an effective way to prevent house fires (and to optimize warmth). Whether your home has traditional vents or a dramatic masonry fireplace, be sure to keep an out for buildup.


Whether there is ice or snow on your walkways always do your best to clear the paths as soon as possible. Clearing these walkways of ice, snow, leaves, and branches is an important step in prepping your home for holiday guests. Don’t forget to throw salt on your sidewalks and paths as well. As far as company is concerned, ice is only good in drinks.

If you’d prefer to focus on preparing the food and beverages this holiday season instead of fretting over these safety measures, our multi-skilled craftsmen can do it for you! Contact Handyman Matters at 866-FIX-MY-HOME or Book Online today!

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