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In the last few months, you’ve probably heard the great news about Handyman Matters becoming Ace Handyman Services.  This transition should be completed during the first quarter of 2020.

You may be asking yourself, “As a Handyman Matters customer what can I expect through this process and this name change?”  The good—no, the great—news is that you can expect the same professional service, convenience in scheduling, high-quality workmanship and superior communication you have become accustomed to with Handyman Matters.

Beyond that, cosmetically, we will update our name and branding to match more closely to that of Ace Hardware. We’ll be creating a synergy so that we are more easily recognized and aligned.

Ultimately, this will make it even easier for us to help you love your home. We will continue to aim high and seek to exceed your expectations. Our steadfast commitment to being your Home Ally is as strong as ever.

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