(Handyman Matters’) communication is just what you’d want to feel comfortable that the job is planned, will happen, and is on-target because the service provider is “on the way.”

-Excerpted from a posted customer review of the Denver North Metro Handyman Matters location

So, what is this “On My Way” feature?

Think about some of your past experiences waiting for a service person to show up at your home… There’s a certain amount of anxiety and frustration associated with these visits.  When will they get here?  Will they be on time?  Why haven’t they called? Have they forgotten about me?

The “On My Way” feature is designed to eliminate those concerns.

When a Handyman Matters craftsman is dispatched to your home, he hits a button which sends a message to the customer alerting them to the fact that he is en route.  A link is included in this message that allows the customer to see the route the craftsman is taking, his planned arrival time, his photo and a short bio.

“There are a number of reasons we like to provide this service,” says Kim Hobden, TEAM Coordinator in the Denver office.  “It’s beneficial for both the customer and for us to be in consistent communication, from when we call the night before the job to make sure everything is on track, all the way to the moment the job has been completed.  On my WayThat way, there are no unexpected glitches, and everybody has the same level of expectations.  For the customers, it reduces their anxiety and it provides a sense of security when they can click on a link and see not only when to expect their craftsman, but what he looks like.  They know they are letting the right person into their home.”

Kim goes on to add, “We’re constantly working to improve the standards and expectations people have of the home improvement industry.  And it gives our customers the assurance that we are partnering with them to make their home a nicer, safer place.”

Here’s an excerpt from another posted review of the same location:

Handyman Matters provides an exceptional level of customer service.  I am especially appreciative of the text alerts (and) “day before” voicemails from the technician… The picture and the personal biography is also a fun feature.

                                                                                -Kirstin O.

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