We’re in that transitional time of year where it isn’t done being winter, but it’s not quite spring yet, either. Daylight and warmer temperatures are in short supply, making it a challenge to get motivated to do anything–even just scheduling a craftsman to paint that dingy entryway, repair that loose step, fix that dripping kitchen faucet or any of the other annoying little problems you’ve been conveniently ignoring for a while now.

But shake off those late-winter blahs… there are a couple of reasons why right now is the best time to get those repair projects tackled.

First of all, summer is a time for fun and recreation. Maybe you’ve got some vacation trips planned; maybe you’ll have friends and family visiting. You want to be at the pool or on the golf course, not dodging tools, paint, tarps, and workmen every which way you turn. And you want your guests to see your home at its absolute best, with everything in top working order and looking great.

Secondly, summer is generally the peak time for home repair demands. If you wait until May or June to call to schedule cabinet installation, painting, bathroom caulking, sink replacement, changing out old light fixtures, or any other job you’ve been putting off, you may find yourself waiting a lot longer than you’d planned before that reliable, trusted handyman company has an opening in their schedule.

The late winter/early spring months are traditionally slower times across the home repair and remodel industry, so arranging for a craftsman in March or early April is likely going to yield much faster results. It’s also possible that you’ll find there are great deals to be had by booking in this slower time of year.

Ace Handyman Services works hard to be the go-to repair company of choice, and they’ve come up with a couple of customer-friendly packages that people are finding especially appealing during these gloomy, not-quite spring, not-yet-done-being winter days.

Take a few minutes to check out the offers page for your local Ace Handyman Services office. Year-round, they offer Half-Day and Full-Day Deals that allow you to put together a to-do list of things you most want to tackle around your home. But there are often additional deals to be had this time of year. Check out our website or give the office a call where the friendly TEAM Coordinator who answers the phone will be happy to listen to your needs and to help you arrive at an arrangement best suited to your individual needs and wishes.

Let us help you love your home in the best, most efficient way possible.

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