An Ace Handyman Services Half-Day Package is a terrific opportunity to bundle together a half-dozen or more of those home repair tasks that are waiting to be tackled around your house. These are the minor repair and replacement jobs that seem too small to require the services of a professional craftsman all by themselves.

Except that, over time, there aren’t just one or two of these small inconveniences any longer. Now there are quite a few, all creating problems, enough to keep a handyman busy for half a day!

Ace Handyman Services offers a special package tailored to your specific problems and needs. It’s a four-hour block of time during which a licensed, bonded and insured craftsman will be at your beck and call.

You can put together a list of the projects needing attention, and our craftsman will tackle them, starting with the top item and working his way down. You may be surprised at just how many items he can complete in four hours!

Take ten or fifteen minutes to walk around your home with a pen and notepad, writing down the things that catch your eye. These might include such things as drywall that needs patching, kitchen or bathroom faucets that need replacing or upgrading, cracked and crumbling caulking, torn window or door screens, small painting projects, spots where weatherstripping should be installed or replaced, maybe even a bathroom sink vanity replacement! We’re confident the more you look around your house, the more things that could use some TLC are going to catch your eye.

With the list in hand, call your local Ace Handyman Services and consult with the TEAM Coordinator who answers the phone. She or he will listen carefully, answering your questions and addressing your concerns, and then help you tailor a Half-Day Package to best suit your specific needs.

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