5 Home Projects to Prepare Your Home this Fall

AHS-fall-home-2020-blogAs fall draws near, the leaves begin to change and temperatures begin to drop. Everyone knows what fall looks like, but do you know how much it affects your home? If your home isn’t adequately prepared for the colder seasons, the oversights could cost anywhere from a minor headache to thousands of dollars. It’s time to tackle a few simple chores that’ll make winter more pleasant and prevent some nasty surprises. To ensure your home is ready for whatever the season brings, we at Ace Handyman Services have gathered a list of home maintenance projects you’ll want to take care of this fall. Our skilled Craftsmen can help you knock out whatever’s on your list.

1. Clean/Replace Your Gutters

Gutters are underrated in how they protect your home. Broken or leaky gutters can cause erosion at your foundation or flooding in your basement. So make sure they’re kept clean of leaves. If you notice your gutters are separating, cracked, rusting, or have holes then they’ll need to be repaired or replaced. Luckily, our Craftsmen will do the ladder work so you don’t have to.

2. Insulate Pipes

As you know from eighth-grade science class when water freezes it expands. If the water in your pipes freeze it could lead to bursting which could then results in major water damage. Insulating your pipes can ensure a trouble-free winter. Let our Craftsmen’s expertise take care of it for you.

3. Cover Gaps in Your Insulation

Autumn also brings the battle between your thermostat and cold weather. Cold air could be seeping into your home through cracks and gaps in your insulation causing your heating bill to rise. From there, our Craftsmen can identify and seal up those holes for you. If you want to learn more about home insulation, check out our article here.

4. Inspect Home Detectors

Fires and carbon monoxide poisoning affect thousands of households every year. Your family’s safety means everything. As you prepare for winter make sure your detectors are working and replace batteries if needed. If you do not have a fire or carbon monoxide detector, then have our Craftsman install them for you. Being prepared is your first line of defense in protecting your family’s comfort and safety.

5. Living Space Upgrades and Renovations

Between working from home, kids attending virtual school, and family holiday visits around the corner your home may need some small upgrades to accommodate. Luckily our Craftsmen can help with those decorative home upgrades. If you’re looking for ways to enhance family-school/work from home spaces, we have tips for you here.

Stay ahead of the game this fall and keep your home prepared. From small updates to larger maintenance tasks, whether you take on the whole list or choose just a few, let our Craftsmen help get your home ready for the upcoming seasons.

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