Winterize Your Home

Whether you love colder weather or dread it every year, winter is approaching. With it, comes harsher conditions that can wear on your home inside and out. This year is a perfect opportunity to be proactive and not let these projects slip by. The following list includes steps you can take right away to protect ready your house for winter.

Update Your Mudroom

Snow and boots can decimate your home’s cleanliness. This year, prevent the mess before it begins by updating your mudroom. Have a craftsman build you a bench with cubbies to help your family get ready and store away shoes or clutter. For further use, have them install a shelf system to organize boots, coats, mail, and all other life clutter. You can also get a drip station installed for all the water that melts from those daily snow treks. This often overlooked area, once improved, will be of great use in your home.

Check Your Water Heater

There are a lot of pieces involved in preparing your water heater for winter. First, make sure that the temperature is set to no more than 120°F. Lowering this temperature a few degrees can save you money. Then check the pressure relief valve to extend the longevity of the heater. Also, make sure to flush the system to clear out any buildup of sediments. Making sure your water heater is fully operational before heading into winter is not something you want to miss.

Install or Upgrade Your Thermostat

Modern-day thermostats have so many more features than adjusting the temperature. They are much more efficient in regulating temperatures without putting as much strain on your HVAC systems. In fact, take a look here for additional reasons why upgrading a thermostat will bring many benefits to your home.

Weatherstrip Your Doors and Doors

Indoor heating is precious during the winter. If your doors are not properly stripped for winter, your warm air and money will slip away. Windows also need to be sealed to keep the warm air inside. Get our Craftsmen to properly strip all your doors and seal your windows to keep your home cozy and your electric bills from rising.

Replace Your Furnace Filter

There are many reasons why you should replace your filter on a consistent basis. One of the most important is your family’s safety. Home fires destroy thousands of homes each year, and an unchecked filter can expose you to danger. Make sure you or a Craftsman take care of replacing your filters. For other ways to prevent home fires, check out our blog here.

For many, winter is about celebrating holidays and an opportunity to spend time with family. Get these tasks done in advance so they don’t infringe on your time. You can also give our Craftsmen a call to get their expertise on what your home needs for this season. Once they have worked their magic, you can simply appreciate your home.

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