We All Dream of Being More Organized, Don’t We?

A new year is upon us… phew! 2020 may not have gone the way you wanted, but there is still so much potential to fulfill your goals in the upcoming year. To get a fresh start, get organized and clear out anything you don’t need anymore, make your home more peaceful, and set yourself up for an awesome year. 

Clean Out that Junk Drawer 

Yes, we all have one or even several of them. Maybe it’s your bathroom cabinet that’s a mess, the hall closet, or that drawer in the kitchen you can barely open. Empty the space completely and throw away any trash and unused items. Sort items in boxes, bins or use dividers—you can even bust out the label maker you’ve been waiting to use!  

Declutter your Desk or Workspace 

Whether you’re working from home or in an office, clean and organize your workspace. This will help you feel more productive and accomplished while working. Go through all your paperwork and throw away or shred documents you do not need. Refresh all your pens, scissors, tape, paperclips, etc. Install shelves so you can fully utilize your desk and create a perfect space to store and organize your work.  Not only will a refreshed and organized workspace help make you more productive, having a comfortable, new office space might be a great work-attitude adjustment, too! 

Organize your Garage 

You may have to dedicate a weekend day for this task, but it sure will make the difference you need for the New Year. Pull everything out that’s in the way and create zones for items that can be trashed or recycled. Then think vertical—putting in some cabinets and overhead storage are all options to getting a clutter-free zone. Put your least-used items on the top shelves and store items you want easy access to in the middle, so you have easy access. And when you’re done, you may actually have room to park your car – what a concept! 

These three ways to make your dream of being more organized are a great start to kick off 2021. And if you’d like some assistance in installing storage, shelves and creating vertical organization, your local Ace Handyman Services office is always willing to step in and make your dream a reality of becoming more organized in 2021.   

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