Home Resolutions to Strive for This New Year

Every January, lots of people sign up for the gym, promise to finish projects, or declare that this year is where they turn their life around. Although self-improvement is good, why not have some goals for your home this year, too? Below are areas to focus on that will improve your home and, by extension, how you operate within your home.

1. Make Your Home Safer

Family safety is always needed, but now is a perfect time to take the initiative on home protection. Home fire prevention is one crucial goal to complete for your home. Getting a fire extinguisher and updating detectors are easy ways to safeguard your house. Securing your home from intruders is another area to examine. Have a Craftsman install a door brace, a deadbolt, or even reinforce weak points in your entryways. They can even install a smart doorbell you may have seen a neighbor add. Take the time to make these updates, or have a Craftsman do it.

2. Clean and Organize Your Home

Something we are all probably struggling with, now that we are operating from home is keeping things organized and clean. Now is the perfect time to take all the clutter from the past year and finally get re-organized. Here you can find a list of places to start that will make a huge difference. Once it is all organized, another goal you can implement is creating a new weekly cleaning routine. Then you can stay on top of the clutter more consistently. You will have a home where you can focus on some of your other resolutions.

3. Update Your Kitchen / Bathroom

This home resolution is likely the most exciting. Take some time to upgrade either your kitchen or bathroom. You don’t have to do full renovations, either, to make a difference. A Craftsman can make just a few tweaks, and the whole room will feel fresh and new. A new coat of paint or a fixture upgrade are just some of the ways you can do something different for your home this year.

If tackle these resolutions, your home will be ready for the new year. A call to your local Ace Handyman Services can check most of these resolutions done in just one appointment. Don’t let a better home slip away from you this year.

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