Must Know Safety Tips Next Time You Use a Ladder

There’s a moment when you’re at the top of a trembling ladder and you grip on for dear life. You then wonder, “Am I doing this right”? A ladder can often be something you must endure to get your high up tasks done. That’s why we’ve prepared a shortlist of precautions to keep in mind to help you next time you have to climb a ladder.

1. One Person at a Time

Two heads may be better than one, but using a ladder is a different story. Never have more than one person on a ladder at a time. It may be tempting to get multiple things done at once, but two different weights moving on one ladder can be very dangerous.

2. Avoid the Top 2 Steps

Sometimes you’re going to be tempted to climb higher to reach your project but you should avoid stepping on the top two steps of the ladder. Most ladders aren’t designed for you to be that high, and you also risk losing your balance. The safest place to do your work is from the middle steps of the ladder.

3. Keep 3 Points of Contact

The best way to secure yourself when climbing up or down a ladder is with three points of contact; two hands and at least one foot on the ladder at all times will help keep you secure and avoid failing. Another thing you want to avoid is overreaching. That will shift the weight on the ladder, leading to a higher risk of an accident.

4. The 4 to 1 Rule

When placing a ladder against a building, one of the best ways to ensure its stability is following this rule. Place the ladder one foot away from the building for every four feet of height. For example, if the ladder is resting 16 feet high, then you should place the bottom four feet away from the building.

If you follow these four easy rules, then you can minimize the risk of an injury. For more tips on ladder safety, take a look at the U.S. Department of Labor’s recommendations here. And of course, if ladders are still an object you want to avoid, no worries. We can send one of our Craftsmen and get the job taken care of for you.

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