3 Steps to Prepare Your Deck This Spring

Warm weather and sunnier days are approaching, and for many it can’t come soon enough. Spring rolling around means transitioning to the outdoors, and your deck is the perfect spot in your home for guests to take in the beautiful season. With winter quickly coming to its end, is your patio ready to accommodate them? Take a look at three steps to ensure that it is.

1. Inspect the Structure

To prevent your outdoor gatherings from falling apart, make sure your deck doesn’t. Inspect the following key areas to make sure everything is in good shape. Wood close to the ground is susceptible to rotting; examine it by feeling to determine if it has become soft. Make sure joints and beams are stable, as well, and double-check for loose screws. Cracks along the patio should also raise concern. If your deck has any of these issues, contact your Craftsman right away to repair it for you. He will make sure it holds up under the pressure for your next gathering.

2. Clean and Re-finish

Winters can be rough on your home, and your deck is no exception. Use a leaf blower to remove some of nature’s clutter. Then take the time to power-wash your deck to get a deep clean. One of the best ways to make it glisten under the sun is by refinishing it. Head over to your local Ace and select a finish that will suit your deck. Refinishing and adding sealant will also help make sure your deck lasts longer. Once selected, you can call a Craftsman to add the finish while you focus on the next step of preparation.

3. Deck it Out

Now that your Craftsman has taken care of most of the steps, the last one is the best part. Decorate your deck just the way you like it. Add pots that hold freshly bloomed flowers. Arrange eye-catching patio furniture that will make your time outside very comfortable. Using bold colors while decorating will leave your guests impressed. You can even have a Craftsman install outdoor string lighting for a warm evening ambiance. There are many ways to take your deck to the next level.

That is all you have to do to get your deck ready for the spring. Don’t let the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors this spring slip by. Call one of our reliable Craftsmen, and you will be out relaxing in no time.

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