Four City Tour Reflections

There is no way to truly understand the workings of a company strictly from the corporate office, so we ventured out on a four-city tour to hear what our Craftsmen and Office Managers had to say. From Tennessee to South Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina – we left curious and came back humbled. We wanted to take a moment and share what we learned from getting to know our Owners, Craftsmen and Office Managers.

Five-star Ratings are More than Fun for Our Team, They Drive us

Craftsmen find fulfillment in delighting customers

Interview after interview, we heard how Multi-Skilled Craftsmen strive to bring our customers the best Ace experience by doing their very best work to receive that 5-star rating. They love the comfort and confidence in staying in their own “capabilities” lane with the freedom to only work on projects that fit their skill set. They enjoy working and learning from other Craftsmen on jobs outside of their comfort zone. They understand that 5-stars is not possible if they take on work that is not in their skill set. We heard them articulate a great sense of purpose, team, pride, and responsibility to live up to the reputation and history of Ace Hardware. It was inspiring.

Office Managers are the backbone of supporting “their” Craftsmen, every day

The feedback received from 5-star reviews, and the delight that Office Managers bring to everyone in the business, is truly humbling. They love to help navigate customers’ challenges with the best Multi-Skilled Craftsman to complete the job. Their genuine desire to create a great connection, quickly, is an art. It drives 5-star reviews and lets them know they are making a difference. They also enjoy working with their Craftsmen daily – from coordinating jobs, to fixing technology issues, and much more. But what brings them the most value and gratitude is being a part of a 5-star TEAM and a work “family.” (Don’t roll your eyes – this was their word choice – and it was clear they feel they are all a part of a much bigger game than just having a job.)

Raising the Community Up

Owners who start this business are your neighbors. They lead this business to improve the lives of their employees and the communities they serve. The focus on lifting the community was consistent among all Owners – whether they already serve customers or they are Ace Retailers looking to expand into the handyman lane, serving their community is always their #1 priority. Others are even taking it a step further by setting out to build a team that benefits from the vision of how life and business ought to be the same. They hold those standards and values in both roles and create the opportunity to build and solidify trust within their teams – knowing and valuing that trust is not given, but earned.

The Predictability of 5-Star Ratings

As an Ace Handyman Owner, 5-star ratings are the standard, and the feedback in our drive to delight our customers. Reviews are key to prospective customers – it’s the voice of their neighbor who shares their experiences with the brand. At Ace Handyman Services, it’s not what we do, it’s how we do it that makes engagements so consistently delightful.

Ace Handyman Services predictably exceeds expectations in home improvement because the brand holds itself to standards of “old world” ethics and integrity that are based in delivering on the commitments we make to our customers. That promise has a half dozen “moments of truth” in a proprietary service path.

Most customers are surprised at how Ace Handyman Services…

• Commits to an exact date and time to come to the home and do the work
• Sends out an appointment confirmation via email
• Engages their Multi-Skilled Craftsmen to conduct calls with their customers the night prior to their appointment to gather more information and scope of the job requested
• Texts the customer to let them know they are on their way and will arrive at the time that was promised
• Creates a safe work environment for all by applying PPE materials on the front porch before entering the customer’s home
• Verbally reviews project details and expectations with the customer once inside the home
• Thoroughly conducts and reviews the work completed with the customer to ensure they are delighted

Being a Part of the Ace Family

One of the biggest areas of inquiry in our last city was, “how does it feel to be a part of Ace Hardware?” Let’s just say that being a part of a brand with the heritage and memories of Ace Hardware was a “wow.” Hearing stories of how deep the Ace roots ran for these folks within their families and childhoods was a surprise – a small, yet lasting memory in their life and a huge impact on the foundation of joining the Ace team.

This is only the beginning and the first of many tour trips around the country to visit our Ace families and hear directly from our people. It’s no wonder we’re 4.85 nationally rated – everyone from the handyman services’ Owners, retail Owners, Multi-Skilled Craftsmen, and Office Managers are focused and dedicated to that 5-star experience, serving their community beyond a paycheck alongside a team that’s bigger than they are individually.

As individuals in the Support Center, removed from the direct contact with those who are most connected to our customers, it was a delightful experience and a shot of adrenaline to work even harder to make our Owners’, Craftsmen’s and Office Managers’ lives better.

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