How We Work Safely in Your Home

Our Standards to Protect You and Our Craftsmen

Craftsman PPEIt’s your home – and you only want to do business with those who understand how to safely enter it, get work done, and leave it safely.
We understand how it is difficult to navigate the challenges of COVID-19 and making your household run and be safe. State by state, the rules and regulations vary widely – we follow the local mandates and orders for the markets we serve and the guidelines of the CDC.

1. Get in touch with us and tell us what you need

Call us or book online –Within that call we will confirm the health of the Craftsman assigned to your job. Then we will review our safety protocols to ensure that you know how we will enter your home to do the work. (When the Craftsman enters your home, they will confirm the work to be completed and either get a verbal agreement on your estimate or confirmation via email).

2. We will enter your home and safely complete the work

Your Craftsman will don safety equipment and follow best practice health protocols set forth by the CDC that includes:
• Wearing a new face mask
• Wearing new shoe covers
• Wearing a new pair of disposable gloves
• Applying hand sanitizer on the front porch, and throughout the job
• Following CDC social distancing standards while in your home
• Using disinfectant solution to clean the area prior to the work

3. We will leave our work area fully sanitized and ready for you to enjoy

Once the work is complete, your Craftsman will get your approval on work completed and:
• Gather tools and parts to clear the work area
• Don a second pair of disposable gloves to disinfect the work area
• Thank you for letting us make life a little bit better in your home!

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January…  It’s that quiet, cold month that follows noisy, activity-filled November and December, when everybody’s thoughts and energies are directed toward holiday preparations, welcoming guests, and simply enjoying everything the season has to offer.

But after New Year’s, company has gone, decorations have been stored away, and chilly, bleak January is underway.  You’re looking at several more months of snow and blustery weather still ahead.  It’s the perfect time to tackle a handful of those indoor repair and remodel projects you’ve been meaning to get to for a while, now.

How long have you been thinking your bathroom was due for a facelift?  Perhaps you’ve been contemplating installing a new vanity; maybe changing out the sink and bathtub fixtures; replacing the caulking or re-grouting around the tub and tiles.

How about the kitchen?  Is it time to install a new backsplash?  Upgrade cabinet doors?  Maybe your work areas could use some better lighting?

Winter Home Repair ProjectsOther wintertime projects to consider are updating baseboard trim, installing a ceiling fan, replacing stair balusters, upgrading lighting fixtures or replacing your fireplace’s mantel.

These are just a handful of the relatively non-intrusive upgrading and remodeling jobs that can easily be undertaken in the winter months.  All can be accomplished in a day or two with minimal disruption to you and your family’s regular routine, and they yield great results.

Remember, your local Handyman Matters office has friendly and professional craftsmen available to assist with these and any other remodeling and repair projects you’ve been considering, whether in January or any other time of the year.

During that time of year when the days are shortest and the nights their coldest, you can make a room or two in your house feel brand new!

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Handyman Matters & Newsweek

Recently, it was announced that we’d been selected as one of America’s Best Companies for Customer Service by Newsweek in 2019.  Not only that, we are the #1 Brand in the Handyman Referral Service and Home Repair category. 

You may be asking yourself, I wonder why Handyman Matters was chosen?  While we believe there is a myriad of reasons, it really comes down to three:

Handyman Matters rated one of America's Best Companies for Customer Service
Handyman Matters rated one of America’s Best Companies for Customer Service

First, we have a meaningful and authentic focus on our customers.   We know you have a choice and we know your home is extremely important to you. Because of this, we developed and implemented a Customer Experience Program inside our company called Service Path.  We designed this program to ensure that we consistently treat you as an individual and treat you beyond your expectations at every point of the Customer Journey.

Second, we possess a TEAM of employees that are aligned with our culture of values & ethics and share in the insatiable desire to do the right thing at all times.  We all believe in our mantra of helping you love your home and is shown by our Guarantee and our “Like it’s our Home Promise”.  Simply put, We Are Different!

Third, our goal is to earn your Trust and become your Home Ally.  This cannot be accomplished by only focusing on making repairs or updating a bathroom.  It also involves your experience with Handyman Matters from the moment you contact us to the moment our Craftsman is leaving your home after completing a job.  Throughout that time, we ensure we communicate along the way and even send “On My Way” Text Notifications so you know when we are on our way.  Sometimes it’s the small things that really count!

Rest assured that we do not take earning this distinction lightly.  Additionally, rest assured that we are not done with continually improving the Customer Experience we will provide our customers day in and day out. 

Thank you for choosing Handyman Matters and for helping us to earn the distinction as one of America’s Best Companies for Customer Service. See the results here.

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Handyman Matters Franchising Selected for 2017 Lakewood Small Business Excellence Award

Handyman Matters Franchising has been selected for the 2017 Lakewood Small Business Excellence Award in the Contractors classification by the Lakewood Small Business Excellence Award Program.

Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2017 Lakewood Small Business Excellence Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the Lakewood Small Business Excellence Award Program and data provided by third parties.

About the Lakewood Small Business Excellence Awards Program:

The Lakewood Small Business Excellence Awards recognizes outstanding small businesses that serve the Lakewood area. Each year, our selection committee identifies businesses that we believe have achieved outstanding marketing success in their local community and business classification.

Recognition is given to those companies that have shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value. These are small businesses that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Lakewood area a vibrant and vital place to live.

The Lakewood Small Business Excellence Awards was established to reward the best of small businesses in Lakewood. Our organization works exclusively with local business owners, trade groups, professional associations and other business advertising and marketing groups. Our mission is to award the small business community’s contributions to the U.S. economy.

SOURCE: Lakewood Small Business Excellence Award Program

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Handyman Matters Recognized as Top Franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 500 Franchises List

It was twenty years ago that Andy Bell made the decision to leave the restaurant industry and to begin a home repair and remodel business in Denver, Colorado.  Initially it was simply with the intent of creating a business for himself as he and his wife raised their family.  But the initial response and the positive feedback from customers proved to be so immediate and so overwhelming that it was clear there was a market for the kind of unique and customer-friendly services his company—initially called Handyman Express—was offering.

Opening a second office in the north Denver/Boulder area proved that the idea was not a fluke.  Customers responded to the idea of a home repair business that was consistently reliable and manned by craftsmen who were professional in appearance and demeanor, and it became clear that this was a concept that could be embraced in all markets, and in 2001, Bell began franchising his services.

Two decades later, the company, known since 2001 as Handyman Matters (HMM), has consistently been recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as a top franchise.  When the economic recession hit in 2008, businesses of all types and sizes took a significant hit, none more so than those in the home repair and remodeling field.  There were thirteen recognized home repair franchises in 2008; Handyman Matters was one of the few still standing in 2013, and it has consistently been regarded as a leader in the industry since its inception.  Bell attributes this to the core values he established when he opened that first office in 1998; they are the same values that guide the company to this day and which regularly draw new owners to the concept.  HMM just opened a franchise in Fairbanks, Alaska, making the company a presence in 24 states.

The Cost of Home Improvement Fraud & Scams

Handyman Matters is here to help you love your home and with that comes protecting our customers and their homes. Fraud is a big deal in the home improvement industry. In fact, the Federal Trade Commission estimates that Americans lost more than $4.1 billion to fraud and scams in the last 5 years alone. Those numbers are terrifying for any homeowner.

The home improvement industry is a $200 billion industry each year and poor workmanship is the number one fear that homeowners have when hiring a contractor. We have put together some tips to help you make an informed decision the next time you’re looking to hire a contractor for home improvements.

  • How to not become a victim:
    • Thoroughly research any contractor or handyman company before doing business with them
    • Make sure they are bonded and insured
    • Check out any online reviews to ensure other customers have had good experiences. One can learn a lot from reviews, as well as how a company responds to reviews, good or bad!
    • It is also a good idea to take a look at the Better Business Bureau for any reviews and to make sure the company is in good standing.
  • When interviewing a contractor follow these guidelines:
    • Get the contractors full contact information
    • Make sure the contractor is appropriately insured, licensed and bonded in your state
    • Ask how much experience the contractor has
    • Ask for the contractor to break down the estimate by costs
    • Ask when the contractor will be able to start and how long the project will take to complete
    • Ask the contractor if they will be using sub-contractors. Make sure those workers are properly licensed, bonded and insured
    • Ask the contractor if they have a warranty on their work
  • Once you have selected a contractor:
    • Always get a written and signed quote for the job no matter how big or small it is. Collaborate directly with contractor for any possible change orders if it becomes necessary.
    • If a building permit is necessary, have the contractor secure it in their name
    • If you are dealing with an insurance claim, check with your insurance company to see if an inspection needs to be done prior to the start of the project.
    • Pay for the job with a credit card or check and get a receipt. Never pay in cash.
    • Do not pay for the job up front. Ask to be billed after it’s completed. Or if it’s a deposit for a larger job, just ensure to get a receipt.

It is important to research a contractor or company before having them work on your home. Handyman Matters can do it all, and we can back it up. We are trusted, licensed and guaranteed.

Handyman Matters offers industry-first Online Appointment Scheduling Platform via new Website

Consumers can now choose from available time slots and book 24/7!

Handyman Matters’ recently launched website features cutting-edge technology that allows consumers to book their own appointment times with a local office. Designed to increase the convenience of booking an appointment, consumers simply provide details on the project need, estimate the number of hours needed, choose from available times and submit. Handyman Matters offices receive this data live in their calendars and confirm. Check out the website at:

Owner and founder, Andy Bell stated, “Redefining Home Improvement has been our goal since we started nearly 20 years ago. Providing our customers an easy way to book a professional, multi-skilled craftsman for their home was a no-brainer! Our research showed that our customers were looking for a no-hassle and easy way to find a reputable and trustworthy company to work on their most valuable asset, their homes. We just made it even easier to book with us.”

Committed to helping you love your home, Handyman Matters’ locally owned and operated offices provide professional and multi-skilled craftsmen, trained to handle a homeowners’ to-do list or that larger, more critical project like a bathroom refresh or remodel. The unique offering that is the best option for most consumers is the Half Day Package or Full Day Package, which can easily be booked online. Simply, the consumer receives four or eight hours of professional craftsman time, to be used to get projects, touch-ups or that nagging to-do list completed.

Focused on exceeding customer expectations during the scheduling process as well as while on the job, Handyman Matters guarantees their work and offers a “like it’s our home” Promise. Check out why Handyman Matters is different:

In honor of Veteran’s Day…

In recognition of Veteran’s Day, let’s join together to honor those who have served our country in the U.S. Armed Forces.

We have selected The Purple Heart Foundation to support this Veteran’s Day.  Although The Order of the Purple Heart membership is composed of military men and women who received the Purple Heart Medal for wounds suffered in combat, the Organization supports all Veterans and their families with an extensive range of nation-wide programs.  To name a few, these programs help Veterans recover from combat injuries, they help them with employment and education, they sponsor youth programs focused on fostering patriotism, they offer scholarships and work with schools to promote the learning of U.S. history and the quest for freedom.   In short, the Purple Heart Organization helps our Veterans make the transition from the battlefield to the home front.  Click Here to learn more about the Purple Heart Organization.

Handyman Matters is extremely proud to say that Veterans own and operate nearly 20% of our locations across the U.S.. Supporting Veteran-focused non-profits like The Purple Heart Foundation is very important to us, and we encourage you to take some time this Veteran’s Day and honor the Vets in your life as well.

There are many ways to help, and your generosity makes a difference in the lives of the men and women who have selflessly served our country to preserve our freedom.   Click Here to learn about the various ways you can support this outstanding organization.

Fox New’s Salute to American Success!

In case you didn’t catch it, Handyman Matters was featured Fox New’s Salute to American Success! Find out how Andy Bell took this home operated handyman business and turned it into a franchise system bringing in over $30 million a year.

“On the repair side of the business, our two biggest revenue makers are drywall and carpentry,” Bell said. “Our biggest projects are bathrooms. We also do a lot of work on interior and exterior doors, brick work and deck repairs, staining and expansions. We continue to work on painting, custom shelving and crown molding jobs as well. Right now our top market is Chicago.” — Andy Bell, CEO and Founder of Handyman Matters.

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Handyman Matters was Featured in HerLife Magazine!

This past year, Handyman Matters of Cherry Creek in Colorado has welcomed a new owner and operator named Michelle Young to the family.  Coming from a background of biochemistry, Michelle understands the need for thorough, everyday solutions…

“I enjoy being there for people when they need us,” she emphasized. “And if our team cannot resolve an issue for them, we do all we can to find a trusted expert who can help them and who will find a solution for them. That is our goal–to find solutions for our clients.”

Find out more about Michelle Young in this month’s issue of HerLife Magazine.  In the Cherry Creek area?  We have your home improvement experts ready to go.  Just call 866-FIX-MY-HOME or head to their website to find out more about their home improvement and repair services.